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Plank in 1900 proposed the concept of single photon and true single photon was created in 1974. In 21st century active research is on application of single photon in creating solutions like increasing computing power using the concept of qbits, enhancing communication systems, medical imaging, space exploration etc.  Our team has more than 11 years of experience in working with single photon systems and is actively involved in researching new application possibility with single photons.



We live in a connected world where error or delay in communication systems can cause huge blunders, Our focus is use  our research in quantum physics and develop more robust and secure stem's that can handle the increasing load of data and communicate in over long distances with maximum speed and security being the prime focus.



As we are heading towards 100% digitisation of data across the world we need more reliable cryptography mechanisms / tools to secure the data, that was one of the reasons why be saw boom in block chain and cryptography market in 2017. As we advancing in computing power and quantum computers will soon be in market cracking the existing cryptography  systems in a fraction of a mil. seconds we need more randomised systems, we have a single photon based hardware cryptography system that has a capability of securing data and communication lines.



When it comes to atomic level sensors capable of sensing single photons there aren't much products in market that can sense with 100% accuracy but the application of atomic level sensing is immense and rising in many fields like space exploration, Medical diagnostics, communication, defence etc. Our them has academic and industry experts for designing and testing sensors for real life industrial use.

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We have an absolute dedication to Quantum technology development and machine learning and our academic and business applications orientated teams are attempting to tackle the biggest challenges in the enterprise sector, public life and humanitarian scenarios. With the rise in quantum computing and opensource platforms from IBM and Google we are creating open source frameworks and artificial intelligence to solve real life problems.

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